• What Rising Damp Is and How to Remedy It

    Wait, is that a patch of rising damp you see on your internal walls? If your walls are wet and the paint is peeling off as a result of the wetness, then you may have a rising damp problem in your house. If you have spotted signs of the problem in your home, it is important that you take remedial action before it is too late. The following guide is intended to help you understand what rising damp is and how you can remedy it.
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  • Why Consider a Residential Demolition?

    A residential demolition is not always as severe as homeowners assume; a full demolition removes the entire home as you might expect, but a partial demolition removes only certain sections of a house. An interior demolition strips the inside of the home down to its framework. If you're considering changes to your current home, note when and why you might consider a full or partial demolition versus trying to sell the house.
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