Four Ways Damage Contractors Can Help Restore Your Epoxy Flooring

Posted on: 18 November 2022

Damage to your epoxy flooring is an unfortunate reality, but it's not the end of the world. With a little help from your favourite damage contractor, you can restore and repair your epoxy flooring, bringing back its lustre and beauty. Here are four ways that damage contractors can help restore your epoxy flooring. 1. Contractors Can Repair Small Scratches And Dings In Your Epoxy Flooring You might have heard that scratches in an epoxy floor can be repaired with a scratch kit.
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Is Your Home On Stumps? Signs You Shouldn't Take Lightly

Posted on: 31 January 2022

If your home is constructed on stumps and you haven't inspected them in a while, it might be time to add that to your list of summer projects. You might not realise this, but stump damage can cause serious problems for your home. In fact, stump damage can lead to the loss of structural integrity, which can cause your home to collapse. To prevent that from happening, it's a good idea to inspect the stumping at least once a year.
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4 Dangers of Ignoring Damaged Warehouse Concrete Flooring

Posted on: 16 April 2021

Warehouse floors undergo a lot of abuse, from handling the weight of machinery to enduring heavy foot traffic. These activities can leave your warehouse flooring with cracks and pits. Unfortunately, since warehouses are always buzzing with activity, most managers may not pay attention to the condition of the floors. This allows the cracks and pits to deepen, and over time, they can affect operations in the facility. Below are four dangers of failing to repair your damaged warehouse concrete floors.
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How to Remove a Roof That Is Made With Asbestos Cement

Posted on: 21 April 2020

If you want to renovate your outdoor space and build a brand-new garage alongside your home, you may have to dismantle an existing structure in order to make room. However, you may need to exercise great care when removing the garage roof, as this corrugated structure could well contain a dangerous substance. What precautions do you need to take and how should you proceed? Bonded Material Even though the garage in question is not particularly old, it's important to remember that asbestos was used in the construction of corrugated material like this throughout most of the last century.
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