Why Consider a Residential Demolition?

Posted on: 25 June 2019

A residential demolition is not always as severe as homeowners assume; a full demolition removes the entire home as you might expect, but a partial demolition removes only certain sections of a house. An interior demolition strips the inside of the home down to its framework.

If you're considering changes to your current home, note when and why you might consider a full or partial demolition versus trying to sell the house. You can then make the best decision when it comes to your home.

The Home Is Beyond Repairs

Some homes need repairs so extensive that they're not worth the cost, or those repairs might be steeper in cost than the value of the home itself. The house might also be so old that a few repairs, even to major areas such as the roof and plumbing features, might not be sufficient for bringing the entire house up to local building codes.

Rather than investing money in an old and dilapidated home, you might consider a full demolition and rebuild. Demolishing a house down to its foundation allows you to build a new home that is likely to last for many years if not decades before it needs extensive and costly repairs.

You Like the Location

If you love your home's location but not the house itself, a residential demolition allows you to stay in the same lot but with an entirely new house. A home builder might evaluate the foundation of your current home and note various models or home styles that would be a good fit for the space, allowing you to have a more workable or attractive home without having to change locations.

The Layout Simply Doesn't Work for You

For some homeowners, their house might be in relatively good condition but the overall layout and floor plan simply doesn't work for them. Renovating the home to create a new layout might be too costly as load-bearing walls might be in the way of the open floor plan you desire, or it might be extremely expensive to rework the home's plumbing in order to relocate the bathrooms.

A full or interior demolition allows you to create an entirely new space inside the home more easily than renovating the home one room at a time. A demolition might allow a contractor to relocate load-bearing walls or reroute plumbing and other major components to create an interior space you'll love.